Turkey is an expatriate exporting country, and ESU Turkey aims to provide a platform for young professionals to get prepared for a future expat life. In line with that goal and within the framework of our vision, ESU Turkey is hosting a series of roundtable discussions and debating opportunities, called "ESU ExpatSuite". The program aims to help talented young people improve their multicultural adaptation skills to help them be better prepared for an international career.

For further information: www.expatsuite.com

Schedule of events in 2012:
February 2012 - World Economic outlook and challenges facing Turkish economy:
March 2012 - Green jobs & eco-entrepreneurship: a myth or a reality?
April 2012 - Wardrobe management / Dress for success:
May 2012 - Social Media and Social Life for Expats
June 2012 - Branding, Design and Fashion
October 2012 - China and India:
November 2012 - Corporate Governance challenges

Previous events in 2011:
The Art of Debating and Public Speaking
Expatriate Life from a social perspective
International Cuisine
Which executive and business education?
Expat life from spouses' perspective
Wardrobe Management - Dress for success
Personal Financial planning for Expats
China and India
Festive season traditions


Dr. Rıza Kadılar

Mr. Nolwenn Allano
Ms. Kallina Bassli
Mr. Josh Bassett
Ms. Didem Berghmans
Mr. Berghmans
Mr. Tim Bright
Ms. Ozlem Cakir
Mr. Claudio Chinali
Mr. Matthew Davies
Mr. Nelson Fernandes
Ms. Janna Fortmann
Mr. James Gancos
Mr. Gregoire d'Oultremont
Ms. Eilidh Hamilton
Mr. Johan Hattingh
Mr. Fedon Hatzakis
Mr. Jules Irens
Mr. Sanjeev Kathpalia
Mr. Michael Kern
Mr. Paul de Kroon
Mr. Alan C. Mellaart
Mr. John McKee
Mr. Ragujit Narula
Mr. Jared Irvin
Ms. Lotte Pang
Mr. Stefano Perazzini
Mr. Giuseppe Pressani
Ms. Elena Schenone
Mr. Vittorio Sindoni
Mr. Alain Terraillon
Mr. Giuseppe Totino
Mr. Matt Turega
Mr. CAI Wanhang

Eposta: events@esuturkey.com